What you need to know if you’re a tyre shopper

What you need to know if you’re a tyre shopper

If you’re a tyre shopper, or are planning on becoming one in the near future, we’ve got some important information for you.

According the research from RAC, nearly 8% of cars fail their MOT because of worn tyres. Having a tyre which is below the legal tread limit isn’t just dangerous for you and other drivers – it can land you a fine from the police if you’re caught.

“Whether it’s down to expense or lack of confidence, many people get put off buying new tyres before it’s too late,” says Mark Blundell, British Touring Car driver and Motokiki tyre safety spokesman. “By doing this, people are putting themselves at risk of a fine and penalty points – or worse.”

When you’re shopping for tyres, you shouldn’t necessarily be thinking just about price. Of course, you might want the cheapest tyres you can buy, but what about safety and performance too?

Cheaper tyres often wear down quicker, which means they’ll ultimately need replacing sooner. They might not give you as many miles per gallon when you fill up, or be noisier when you’re cruising on the motorway. But they also might not give you enough braking power when you need it most.

Here at Motokiki we’re not just committed to finding you the right tyres at the right price, we want you to make the right choice, too. That’s why we’ve partnered with road safety charity Tyresafe, to ensure that when you buy your new tyres via us, you’ll be making the safest and most informed decision.

Buying new tyres doesn’t have to be difficult – we’ve made it as simple as possible for you to make sure that you’ve got a set which fit your car perfectly. Getting the wrong size can lead to poor performance, and it’s unsafe too. This means it’s critical that you get the right ones for your car.

Unlike some other websites you might have encountered, we’re not owned by a tyre company or a fitter. That means that when you buy with us, you know the information and choice you get is impartial and fair.

It’s easy to start your search for great value tyres and fitting.

Simply tell us your car’s registration number and your postcode and we’ll show you a selection of tyre options and fitting options in your area.
You’ll get a wide range of tyres presented - from big names like Dunlop, Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin and Pirelli to lesser-known budget suppliers you might not have heard of before.

All you need to do then is book and arrive. “Making the right decision for your tyres is crucial,” says Blundell. “Motokiki won’t just help you get a great deal - it’ll give you all the information to make the safest choice too.”

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