All Season Tyres

By Chris Norman
on August 20, 2018 4:21:11 PM BST

All Season Tyres

By Chris Norman
on August 20, 2018 4:21:11 PM BST

You may have heard of ‘all season tyres’ or ‘all weather tyres’ which are specifically designed for countries with moderate weather throughout the year.

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All season tyres are designed to combine elements of winter and summer tyres. (Yes, there is a difference)

In the UK, our winters are typically wet and cold and snowfall is quite rare, which means that we can benefit from using the same tyres all year round - result! This gives drivers the peace of mind that their tyres should give a good level of performance regardless of the typical UK weather.

How do they work?

All season tyres are beneficial in a variety of weathers due to the rubber compound and unique tread pattern that supports both dry and wet roads. Whether it's to prevent aquaplaning on a rainy day, or still offer grip on a warm summers day - all season tyres will help us in our current climate.  

The benefits of all season tyres…

UK Weather :-

With snow and ice being quite uncommon in the majority of the UK and our weather being milder than some European countries - It’s the perfect climate for all season tyres. With our fair share of rain throughout the year… it’s important tyres have sufficient grip on our typically wet roads.

Convenience :-

In some EU countries, it is legislation that you must have two sets of tyres, one for the summer and one for the winter. By having all season tyres you don't have the hassle of changing and storing them.

Performance :-

All season tyres have a unique compound and tread patterns to ensure they work to a good standard in all types of weather. They are specifically designed to improve handling in dry and hot conditions and provide better grip in the cold and wet seasons.


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