De-icing your car in the morning - Top Tips

By Chris Norman
on November 1, 2018 11:12:30 AM GMT

De-icing your car in the morning - Top Tips

By Chris Norman
on November 1, 2018 11:12:30 AM GMT

With winter fast approaching we need to get prepared for those cold, icy mornings as Jack frost will be paying most of us a visit over the next few months. There is nothing worse than sitting in the car waiting it for it to warm up. Brrrrrr.   

It’s important to be prepared for when the temperature continues to drop and to ensure that we take extra care on our roads.


It’s not safe to drive around with ice on your windscreen and the law states that you must be able to see out of your windows.

Your number plate must always be clearly visible.


You should always make sure that you remove any snow and ice from your cars windscreen before setting off on your travels. It may be a good idea to allow yourself an extra ten minutes in the morning to get your car ready so that you won't be late for any appointments or get it in the neck from your boss.

We have put together some do’s and dont's to help you in the cold, frosty mornings.


  • Make use of the defrost function button if your car has one. You will find this on your temperature gauge. This can take around 10-15 minutes to completely clear the ice or snow depending on the thickness. Be prepared and allow extra time for your morning routine and wrap up warm for the wait! 
  • De-icer. What a marvellous invention!  Simply spray the solution on the windscreen and wait for it to do its magic. You can buy a bottle of de-icer from the majority of supermarkets and petrol garages. This is a quick solution and should only take a few minutes depending on the ice.   
  • Use a squeegee or your windscreen wipers to wash away remaining residue. Make sure your vision won't be impaired when setting off on your journey.  
  • Keep an ice scraper in your car - This will help you remove those stubborn chunks of ice. Powerful strokes will help you chip away at ice. These will be available at most car supply stores, fuel stations and some supermarkets. 
  • Spray your car with ice prevention solution on your windscreen the night before. This will act as a guard for ice and should help you set off on your morning commute/routine without much fuss… You will definitely make the neighbours will be jealous!
  • Apply a car cover to help you travel quicker in the mornings. Each morning you can simply whip it off and set off on your journey. Any excess frost or ice should be easily removed with the defrost function in your car.


  • Leave your parked car unattended with the engine running. Not only is this against the law but you could be walloped with a £20 fine. This is also a risk as it may provide an opportunity for criminals.
  • Set off without having a clear and fully defrosted windscreen. This could impair your vision and may cause an accident if you cannot see properly.
  • Forget to make sure you always have de-icing tools in your car for when winter comes... other items may damage your screen (if you're improvising)
  • Pour boiling hot water over the windscreen to remove ice/frost. This can damage the glass. Water can build up on the windscreen wipers and then freeze which could damage the rubber meaning you may have to replace your wipers.
  • Rush... Make sure you leave enough time to defrost your vehicle each morning as it’s common for accidents to happen when drivers are rushing. A disapproving look from the boss for running a few minutes late is always better than driving hastily and putting yourself and others at risk.

Always make sure your tyres are legal and have enough tread depth for the winter months. Your grip to the road and stopping distances can be seriously compromised in cold, icy and wet weather.

If your tyres are in need of replacing you can compare prices here.

Safe Travelling!


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