Motokiki launches UK first ‘Colour Collection’ Tyres

By Chris Norman
on March 31, 2019 9:00:00 PM BST

Motokiki launches UK first ‘Colour Collection’ Tyres

By Chris Norman
on March 31, 2019 9:00:00 PM BST

We're so pleased to announce that we have sourced a range of specially made coloured tyres and will soon be offering them to all drivers on our website.  

The decision follows an increasing number of requests from drivers who want more choice when it comes to the colour of their car tyres.

The first Motokiki ‘Colour Collection’ will feature this season’s most fashionable colours which will allow drivers to match their tyres to the colour of their car or even their favourite outfit. 


The launch of the new collection means that the most fashion conscious drivers can choose from a range of colours so they will always be ‘on trend’ when it comes to giving their wheels the designer touch.

The new range of coloured tyres will be priced as competitively as standard tyres and will of course have the same high safety and efficiency standards – the only difference being the added ‘pop’ of colour.

Motokiki CEO and founder, Dr Debra Williams, said:
“We were very surprised by the number of enquiries we received from customers who wanted something new from their tyres and were fed up of seeing the same black tyres.  We have listened to what they had to say and I’m delighted to announce that Motokiki now offers tyres in a range of fashionable colours”

“Fashion is fast moving and we have to keep up with the latest trends, so we’re already hard at work preparing our Autumn collection, which will include a range of must have hues of the season. 

“We’re bringing a much needed splash of colour to the tyre market and plan to have the widest range of colours available anywhere in the world.”

“People spend lots of time choosing the colour of their car so why not have tyres to match? 

You will be able to view a range of coloured tyres over the next few days on www.motokiki.com 

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