Some fun car accessories

By Chris Norman
on August 30, 2018 1:25:42 PM BST

Some fun car accessories

By Chris Norman
on August 30, 2018 1:25:42 PM BST

Most of us spend a considerable amount of time in our cars. Whether we're commuting, chauffeuring the kids to social clubs or travelling to a vacation - trips can get tedious. We have put together a list of fun and safe accessories to make the trips easier and more enjoyable for you and your passengers. After all... there are only so many games of eye-spy you can play...

In car DVD system

For those long family runs in the car a film is an ideal way to keep everyone entertained and more importantly... quiet. You can buy systems that hold on to the back of the headrest to give everyone a view of the ‘In-drive movie’.  

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Dash Cam

Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular with drivers. It's a great recording safety feature and has a number of benefits to drivers. Not only does it help you record incidents and accidents, you may also catch unexpected events. Various Russian drivers caught a meteor crashing down to earth in 2013 and the footage astounded the world.

Dash Cams can also help you with insurance disputes and improve your driving. Footage is recorded and can be replayed at anytime. 

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Travel cooler/warmer

We all enjoy a nice picnic when we are off on a long road trip and it can be hard to control the temperature of food and drinks in the car. You can now purchase a travel cooler/warmer which is a great solution to keeping food at the correct temperature. Some even come with cup holders and storing units to separate items. This will avoid your sarnies going stale and keep your picnic fresh for when you stop safely for a bite to eat. 

Sat Nav

When they were first launched they were a god send for those who tend to get easily lost on journeys. They are still used daily around the world and have decreased in price significantly. They now offer more features than ever before. You can now avoid traffic jams, play music and some can even be voice controlled. They are also used in driving tests in the UK to make sure every new driver can navigate using a sat nav. 


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A hanging rubbish bin

It’s very easy for the car to fill with clutter when driving on long journeys and some people spend so much time in the car that there can be more rubbish than people on times. You can solve this problem by getting a leak-proof hanging rubbish bin which hangs over a seat and will let you keep the car clean and tidy without the normal display of used coffee cups and food wrappers.

Mobile phone holder

It is an illegal offence to use a mobile phone behind the wheel and you could get a £200 fine and six penalty points put on to your licence for using a hand held device whilst driving. Be safe and legal by getting a phone holder to keep your phone secure. With many drivers now using their phones for navigation you can place a holder where its easy to see and use hands-free. It is known to be one of the biggest distractions so we only advise you pull over safely to use any mobile device if absolutely necessary when driving.


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Phone charger

We have all had that dreaded feeling when we set off and realise our phone is about to die. You can get car chargers to help you charge gadgets as quickly as possible. They connect to the USB point and some come with a few ports which means you won’t have to argue who deserves the charger after comparing everyone’s battery percentage. 

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Pet seat cover

If you’re tired of hoovering the seats after every trip with the beloved pets you could get a pet seat cover. Even lint rollers can’t combat the hair after a trip in the car so this could be a perfect solution for you. Some covers act like a hammock for pets which can make them more comfortable when they are in the car. Some are waterproof which will help with those beach visits or excited unwanted accidents. This accessory is a perfect way to keep your car clean without resenting the doggy day trips too much!




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