Mark Blundell’s five top tips for looking after your tyres in the heat

By Mark Blundell
on July 29, 2019 9:45:40 AM BST

Mark Blundell’s five top tips for looking after your tyres in the heat

By Mark Blundell
on July 29, 2019 9:45:40 AM BST

As an ex-Formula 1 driver and a 24 Hours of Le Mans champion, Mark Blundell has spent decades of his life looking after his tyres in all weather conditions. 

For a racing driver, the more heat in the tyre the better as this results in more grip. As an example, at the races last weekend at Oulton Park, Mark’s front tyres reached up to 107 degrees in his qualifying session! 

However, as temperatures are expected to climb during the summer months, it’s even more vital to make sure that you’re ready to tackle the conditions! This is what Mark had to say to us...

Check your tyre pressures…

Summer is hotter than the rest of the year, and your tyres are more liked to be subjected to wear and tear on the roads. Before you set off, measure your PSI to ensure they have the right amount of air in them. In the heat, your tyres will naturally have a higher pressure - so be careful and make sure you monitor the situation.


The recommended tyre pressure is for when the car hasn’t yet been driven…

When you go to check your tyres, you need to take into account that the manufacturer indication is for when your tyres are cold. Naturally, when you drive on a hot summer’s day, this is going to affect things. Make sure you do that maths beforehand to avoid any issues. 


Look out for a change in the weather…

After a period of hot, dry weather, the roads can become extremely slippery if suddenly it decides to rain. And - let’s be realistic here - we do live in the UK! Therefore, when the weather does take a turn for the worst, make sure your tyre pressures are even to reduce the risk of losing control.


More traffic means more chance of a puncture…

As people flock to airports or their staycations across the UK, there will be considerably more traffic on the roads this summer. This means that there’ll likely be an increase of debris. So, ensure your tyres are up to date to reduce the risk of a puncture.


And finally, keep yourself hydrated and rested!

It’s not just our cars that need to be looked after during the summer - make sure you have enough water to drink throughout your journey to stop yourself from getting dehydrated. During long trips, if you feel tired then stop, have a rest, and stretch your legs before going on your way again.


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