Top tips to keep your dog safe when driving

By Chris Norman
on August 29, 2018 4:23:04 PM BST

Top tips to keep your dog safe when driving

By Chris Norman
on August 29, 2018 4:23:04 PM BST

Protect your pooches

Make sure you follow these basic precautions when taking your precious pooches out and about on the road.

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Buckle up! Doggie seat belts

Just like us humans, we really should buckle up our fur babies. This is one of the safest ways to get from A to B with your pup.

A doggie seat belt not only confines your pooch but it also keeps them safe should an accident occur.


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A home from home

Some dogs can become overwhelmed with the whole car journey. We want to make the trip as comfortable as possible for them, so why not create a snug mobile den.

A simple crate which your dog can snuggle up in will allow them to ride in comfort.

Safety first

If your dog is over excited or nervous they’ll want to shower you with kisses. Cute, but not when you’re driving, it’s very distracting and dangerous for both yourself and other drivers.

If your pet is prone to climbing all over you then a barrier/ safety net is your answer.

You can purchase safety nets for your car. These create a barrier between you the driver and your pooch in the back.

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Take a break

Just like us, your dog will need water, toilet stops and snacks.

Ensure your pup has easy access to water to avoid dehydration and plenty of toilet stops to avoid any accidents…


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If there’s a point where you have to leave the dog in the car, then it’s important to check the temperature. It may feel mild outside but that car will heat up like a sauna! Your pets can die if they’re inside a hot car, even if the windows are open slightly. Whenever you can possible, take your dog with you.


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