Tyre Safety Month 2018

By Chris Norman
on October 4, 2018 11:53:49 AM BST

Tyre Safety Month 2018

By Chris Norman
on October 4, 2018 11:53:49 AM BST

October has arrived which means one thing for us at Motokiki… Tyre Safety Month!

Introduced by Tyre Safe, a non profit organisation, who have contributed to a 44% reduction in casualties on our roads caused by tyre related incidents since 2006. Tyre safety months aims to respectively raise awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy tyres.  

Tyre's are the only part of the car that keep us in contact with the road - we should all give them some attention with monthly checks to make sure we are aware of any damage, pressure loss or general wear and tear. Bumps, lumps, cuts and bulges may be a sign of any internal damage to the tyre and this increases the risk of problems and sudden failures.

Flat tyre

For a car, the UK legal limit of tyre tread depth is 1.6mm. You could be fined up to £2500 and have 3 penalty points put on your licence for each tyre that is deemed ‘Illegal’.

Throughout October tyre retailers, manufacturers, road safety organisations will try to raise as much awareness as possible for tyre health and offer advice and help for drivers to check their tyres.

tyre-safety-month-765x510- bad air day

Checking your tyres monthly can avoid problems such as blow outs, incorrect wheel alignment and it could save your pocket in the long run by making sure your tyres don't wear down faster than they should.

Checking the health of your tyres can be easier than you think and should only take a few minutes.  

We wouldn't expect to get on a flight without the pilot making those necessary checks so we really shouldn't put ourselves, passengers and other drivers at risk on our roads.

On average, 1000 casualties are caused on ours roads as a direct result of tyre related incidents… just under 200 of those are killed or seriously injured.

Man changin tyre with spare

So before you get behind the wheel, ask yourself when was the last time you checked your tyres… if you can't remember then maybe it's time to take a few minutes to make sure your tread is legal and the pressure is correct for your car.

Should you check your tyres and find that they are illegal or need replacing you can use Motokiki to find out who has the best deals for the right tyres for your car here.  

Safe travelling.  



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