How to dispose of old tyres correctly

By Chris Norman
on October 8, 2018 2:42:56 PM BST

How to dispose of old tyres correctly

By Chris Norman
on October 8, 2018 2:42:56 PM BST

Tyres are so important to our everyday lives, we don't pay them enough attention. They do, after all keep us safe and in contact with the road.

Let’s be honest… When we need to buy new car tyres we rarely sit and wonder about what will happen to the old ones.

Here are some interesting facts about what happens to old tyres and how they need to be disposed of correctly.


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According to the government's website - It’s estimated that around 55 million tyres are sent for waste in the UK each year. If they are not disposed of properly waste tyres can
  • Affect our local areas (fly tipping and fires)
  • Harm our environment

Illegally dumping tyres can pose a serious fire risk. If tyres burn they cause pollution and release toxic smoke and harmful chemicals. The cost of fighting these fires and clearing up afterwards is high.

tyre on fire

Most local governments work well with tyre disposers, retailers and respective trade associations to make sure the tyres are disposed of correctly.

There are a number of ways we can recycle old/waste tyres. They certainly come in handy after their intended use. They can be turned into products like flooring, furniture, shoes and road surfaces.

Did you know…

  • To create a full size 3g football pitch it would take just 2,100 truck tyres and 8,000 car tyres.
  • 1,000 truck tyres would help produce 30 tonnes of granulate to produce an athletic running track.
  • 160 truck tyres could produce granulated rubber which can be used as a base for local playground.
  • 13,400,000 tyres per year are used as alternative fuel in the steel and cement industry.

The TRA (Tyre Recovery Association) was formed in 2004. They massively support the Tyre Industry Federation’s Responsible Recycler Scheme. The scheme guarantees that all tyres are collected, recycled or reprocessed by them and are disposed of correctly and in an environmentally friendly manner. All TRA members are full accredited by the scheme.

They also provide a service to collect unwanted/old tyres from some parts of the UK. Should you need this service, or want anymore information about the TRA you can do so here.

You may not be aware but when we buy new tyres the charge for disposing your old tyres is included in the price. Most garages will dispose and recycle the tyre/tyres automatically for you.

If you ever have old/unwanted/waste tyres - please do your bit for the environment and make sure you dispose of them correctly in an environmentally friendly way.


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