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Understanding your tyres

Tyre Help & Advice

Understanding your tyres



What tyres are suitable for my car registration?

You can search and compare tyres on our homepage by entering your car reg and postcode. Your search will return the tyre sizes available for your car for you to choose from.

If you need to search by tyre size, you can click the link below the search bar and select the right size for you.


What tyres are on my car?

The sides of your tyres are marked with the brand and model but also a code which identifies your tyre size.


How to check your tyre size

To check the size of your tyre, you need to take a look at the side wall of your tyre. On every tyre produced there is a sequence of numbers and letters which related to different aspects of the tyre.


How to identify Run-flat tyres

Car makers use run-flat tyres to save carrying the weight of a spare wheel to save fuel and emissions. Our guide to Run-flat tyres explains all.


How much do part worn tyres cost?

It's a bit of a false economy in reality - A brand new tyre comes with an average of 8mm vs a part worn tyre with an average of 4mm. It’s a classic case of ‘Buy cheap… buy twice’ . You may be renewing your part worn tyres more often than brand new ones.





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