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Goodyear are a well respected global tyre manufacturer originating in the United States covering all types of vehicles from small cars to 4x4s.

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Goodyear tyres were founded by Charles Goodyear, the inventor of vulcanised rubber, in Ohio in 1898. One of the world’s most recognisable tyre brands, it’s the most successful Formula One tyre manufacturer in history, but has also found favour with millions of normal, road-going motorists too.

The company makes summer, winter and all-year weather tyres, as well as tyres for vans and claims its SoundComfort technology drastically reduces road noise by up to 50%.

You’ll also probably recognise the famed Goodyear blimp, which can be spotted at sporting events around the world. The company flew its first blimp in 1925, and it now keeps a fleet for use around the world.

Goodyear also owns several other tyre brands: Dunlop, established in the UK, is partly owned by Goodyear. It also owns the Fulda, Sava and Debica brands too.

While Goodyear has an illustrious and storied past, the company has one eye on the future too – at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show it exhibited the AERO concept tyre, a two-in-one tyre designed for flying cars. The non-pneumatic model featured optical sensing, magnetic propulsion and artificial intelligence - certainly a far cry from the first bike tyres which Charles Goodyear produced in the nineteenth century…

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