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Kumho are one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world, supplying tyres for cars, cans and commercial vehicles. Not only do they have a strong bond to the racetrack but also invest in community projects.


Kumho started making tyres in South Korea in 1960 when company founder Incheon Park wasn’t able to source the right tyres for the trucks in his transport business. That started with producing just 20 tyres per day, but it quickly grew as others realised the quality of what Kumho was producing.

By 1965, Kumho had established a second factory in Thailand and in the 1970s it expanded its range to include tyres for military aircraft. The technology and experience gained from this development helped Kumho make excellent car tyres and the company was making more than 1 million units per year by 1976.

By 1992, Kumho was ranked in the top 10 of tyre manufacturers in the world and its development of high-performance and racing tyres prompted the company to open its Global Research and Development centre in Akron in the USA. This has led to Kumho tyres being the sole supplier to many racing series around the world.

The company’s road tyres focus on more than just the high-performance end of the scale. There are ranges such as the Solus for executive models and the EcoWing for the most fuel-efficient results. Kumho also makes a wide selection of tyres for SUVs, such as its WinterCraft cold weather tyres and the Ecsta that copes easily with high speeds and wet weather conditions.

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