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With humble beginnings in Taiwan, Nankang tyres can now be found the world over - especially on the race track.


As you might expect of a company started by engineers, Nankang Rubber Tire is devoted to developing tyres using the most up to date technology. The story started in 1959 in Taiwan and research and development have been at the heart of Nankang ever since.

Today, Nankang is praised for its wide range of tyres and is very popular with drivers looking for a performance edge at an affordable price. The company’s highly regarded NS2R tyre has been used as the control tyre in many race series around the world and continues to be popular with racers and track day enthusiasts.

Now sold in more than 100 countries globally, Nankang tyres are still made in Taiwan and have earned their status as one of the best value for money tyres you can buy. There is also a new factory in China and Nankang makes tyres under other brand names like Geostar, Milestar and Provato.

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