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Looking for affordable tyres? Rotalla Tyres are for you! Focusing on affordability and safety there's something in their range for everyone.


Rotalla Tyres has built its name on supplying affordable tyres, but it’s rapidly moving into the medium and upper segments for SUVs and high-performance models. Produced in China where the brand is very popular, Rotalla offers great value without compromising on quality or durability.

The company makes tyres in all of the most common sizes and for every type of car. It’s not the best-known brand in the UK, but its tyres are very popular in other countries such as Australia and New Zealand where it’s built a reputation for delivering tyres that can deal with all types of road conditions.

Rotalla’s parent company Shandong Yongsheng Rubber Group is one of the largest firms in China and prides itself on using the latest technology and manufacturing processes to deliver superb tyre performance at low cost. The company has used design knowledge from Germany, Japan and the USA to create a range it believes are among the safest and best value tyres anywhere in the world.

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